Weird Misconceptions About Hospice Services

The term hospice is mainly associated with the care given to patients who are nearing the end-of-life. It is for this reason that you will find people having different misconceptions about the services offered in a hospice. This article is going to highlight some of the incorrect assumptions about the care given in a hospice. This will enlighten you about the importance of the assistance offered in such a care center.

Hospice are meant for the dying patients

Many people have a feeling that hospice is meant for the patients who have ‘’given up’’. However, hospice care is for everyone having a chronic diseases or illness which is beyond his ability. The hospice care providers are well trained to help these individuals to live a comfortable life. They provide care for all the patients regardless of the amount of time left for them.

Hospice care is provided away from your home

Hospice care services are provided in different settings including the patient’s home. Most of the hospice services are provided in a nursing home or a hospital. It is not a must for the patient to enroll in these care facilities since these services can be provided at the patient’s bedside at home. For instance, 70 percent of the hospice patients in the United States receive care right from their homes.


Hospice care is limited for half a year

Even though hospice care is mainly focused on comfort care, the other forms of treatment are still taken care of as long as the patient is alive. Hospice providers work very closely with the other medical service providers to offer the best solution to the patient. You are also allowed to hire a family doctor or another doctor whom you trust. The hired doctor will be involved in providing care when you enter the hospice. Patients can also discontinue hospice and then return later in case they need more care in future.

Hospice care is meant for relieving pain

Hospice patients are given drugs to control or minimize pain. However, hospice treatment also involves other forms of prescription medications with the aim of making the patients comfortable. The care givers in these facilities will always incorporate other methods such as spiritual, mental and physical therapy. Others method might also include yoga, music or art therapy, group support, occupational therapy, and counselling.


Most people cannot afford hospice care

There are some people who believe that most people can not afford the care provided in hospice facilities. However, this is not true. This care is also covered by many private and Medicaid insurance carriers which make the treatment affordable for everyone.