How To Get Rid Of Heel Pain

There are different methods which can be employed to get rid of heel pain. They include the natural remedies, physical support, and practices. Let us discuss each of these methods in details.

Natural remedies for treating heel pain

The following are some of the effective remedies used in relieving heel pain.

Minerals and vitamins

Minerals and vitamins have been proven to be essential components in maintaining the healthiness of your feet. They can be obtained from a diet. In severe cases, they should be administered in the form of supplements to combat tough health problems.

Packs and soaks

This involves using arnica salts and Epson salts in a bath. You are supposed to soak your feet in this bath. Alternatively, you can use a heated washcloth which is dipped in linseed oil and then apply it to the heels. This has been proven to be an effective remedy for almost all types of pains and aches.


Chamomile tea is used in promoting sound sleep and soothing of the body nerves. Most of the teas contain an important herb known as valerian which is used as an effective natural muscle relaxant. They are also used in calming anxiety as well as toning down the feelings associated with irritability. Additionally, teas which contain turmeric and curcumin are used in combating inflammation.

Physical practices

These practices include the following


Feet are used for supporting the body and facilitating movement. You are advised to take arrest if your feet problem is from overuse, high-impact sports, ill-fitting shoes or even obesity. This will help in making your body relaxed.


This is done by putting or placing an ice pack on the heels especially when resting. If an ice-packing is lacking, then you can wrap some ice cubes in a towel. This method is helpful in easing the soreness of the numb and minimizing inflammation. All these efforts are meant to make the life more bearable even though they cannot be used in treating or curing the underlying conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and plantar fascia tears.


There are some conditions such as Planar Fasciitis which might affect the balancing mechanisms of your foot. Overstretching of the feet can also lead to the development of small tears and inflammation. Right foot stretches are helpful in strengthening of the vital ligaments as well as preventing foot injury. You are advised to check out on free instructions concerning the heel stretching videos.

The physical support used in relieving heel pain includes the fascia-bar treatments. This involves treating heel pain without surgery or drugs. It is a technology which was developed as a result of research. The objective of this treatment is to provide the needed support for the individuals suffering from Plantar Fasciitis.