Breast Reconstruction Techniques For Best Results

There are several things to consider when choosing best reconstruction technique to get the best results. You need to discuss with your doctor to find the appropriate technique, which will work for you. Your physical composition, desired outcome, and health are some of the factors, which influence your decision. The following are some of the factors:

  • Breast implants
  • Surgery timeline
  • Cancer therapy
  • Current breast size

Techniques for breast reconstruction

The technique you will choose should be safe and provide a beautiful, natural, and symmetrical outcome. There are two main forms of breast reconstruction methods. One of the methods is done with the breast implants and other without implants.

Tissue expander technique

tg2w3edf6yh2wed7u2822This technique is quite prevalent and it involves at least two steps. First is the placement of temporary implants for a few months and weeks after mastectomy. This means that it can extend to the skin and chest muscles to create adequate space for permanent implants. Also, a saline injection is injected into temporary implants so as to expand them. After creating adequate room, then the second step comes in.

Placement of temporary expanders with the permanent implants is done after creation of adequate room. Also, different forms of implants do exist. This choice will be determined by your doctor.

Flap technique

This method involves taking tissue from one part of the body such as thighs, abdomen, buttocks, or back. This tissue is used for reconstructing mold of the breast. This technique has a broad range of procedure options. The effective option you choose is dependent on aesthetic preferences. It is also dependent on your medical and physical circumstances. These options include:

TRAM flap

The technique builds up the breast mound with a fatty issue, skin, and muscle from the lower abdomen. The procedure is carried out through incision on lower abdomen. The good thing about this option is that it offers a firmer and smoother tummy.

DIEP flap

tg2w3ed6fyuwed7u22The method is quite similar to Tram. However, it does not take your muscle away. It employs vascular micro-surgery to offer grafted tissues. It harvests tissue plus its blood vessels. Vessels are carefully attached to the chest in process of grafting. The good thing about this technique is that it provides same benefits like TRAM technique. Moreover, it provides an extra benefit; it does not interfere with stomach muscles.

Latissimus dorsi technique

This is a standard technique that utilizes the skin and muscles from latissimus dorsi. The procedure recreates the breast by bringing them to the chest.